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This past weekend I ran the Army 10 Miler in Washington, DC. I love this race. I ran it last year and made sure to sign up right away when registration opened for 2010 because it typically sells out within 3 days.

I didn’t take many pictures because my camera wouldn’t fit in my belt pocket with my cell phone, and I figured if I got lost and couldn’t find my way to the finish the cell phone would come in more handy than a camera. So the cell phone won and I took pictures with it.

I went to the race with my dad and his neighbor. We were all in different starting corrals because we can’t all keep up with my dad since he runs like a machine all are on different yet respectable running levels. We all got to our corrals at around 7:15 and waited around for the 8:00 start.

This is the view of the Pentagon from where I was waiting. Isn’t the sky pretty?

This is a memorial of sorts. Sadly, I don’t know what it’s for. I’m not good on DC memorials. Ask Matt.

A parachuter came down at around 7:40. There were supposed to be more, but my dad said air traffic control stopped the others from falling due to aircraft in the area. Last year there were about 5 parachuters all twirling and landing exactly where they’re supposed to land. Very professional.

The run itself was great. You start at the Pentagon and run across the Memorial Bridge where you can see the Lincoln Memorial ahead of you. Then you turn and run alongside the Potomac and by the Kennedy Center. From there you run along the National Mall and in front of the Capital Building, which my dad did not see (told you, he’s a machine). The last few miles are along the Mall again, across another bridge, and up a highway where you finish right back where you started, at the Pentagon.

I finished within 30 seconds of my time from last year, which is great considering I had no goals for the run. I didn’t really push myself, but I didn’t hold back either. I just ran.

Official time: 1:38:44; 9:52 pace


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