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Sunday’s workout: 8 miles; 1:22:27
today’s workout: Biggest Loser Cardio max DVD; 50 minutes

I don’t have my Garmin with me so I can’t give you splits from Sunday, but no worries. They weren’t too impressive. I tried my hardest to stay around 10:15 minute miles and it was hard on the hills. I’m getting better with keeping pace at slight, long hills. But I can’t seem to manage the short, steep hills. *sigh* It’s so frustrating. I mean, I run up Mt. Everest (didn’t know it was in the ‘burbs of Maryland, did ya??) almost every Sunday and it always punches me in the face.

This morning I completed the entire Cardio Max DVD. wowzzas. That is all I have to say about that.

Since it’s Monday and I’m tired I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs, “Wildflowers”. Listen to this song. It’s so good. This weekend I read that he might do an acoustic tour this fall. Um, heck ya! Do it, buddy! Acoustic Ryan Adams is the Ryan Adams I fell in love with back in 2001. I accept his “Magjik” phase, but I’d really rather not talk about it.

Instead, I like to think about the summer when my college roomie, Jessica, and I traveled to see him in two different states in three days. That summer included the following:

  • me not being able to look at Ryan Adams while he was 15 feet away from me on the sidewalk
  • me semi-stalking Ryan Adams in a mall
  • me leaving Jessica pale-faced and sick to keep my front row spot right in front of Ryan Adams (she understood, such a good friend)
  • Jessica hitting the guy next to her because I complained he was on his cell phone when Caitlin Cary walked on stage to perform with Ryan Adams in a Whiskeytown mini-reunion (she got him off the phone!)

Such fond memories.


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workout: Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD, Level 1

Earlier in the week I went to Barnes & Noble to use up a gift card I got for my birthday. Lucky for me, all DVDs were on sale for three for the price of two. I got three DVDs for $3! I stocked up on the Biggest Loser brand workouts. I’m a sucker for anything Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper. *sigh* I’ve tried other DVDs, but only these two can me sweat in my basement and curse the TV. It’s a gift only they possess.

This morning I tried Level 1 of the Cardio Max DVD. Bob directed it all. His moves were different and I liked the break from all the circuits Jillian uses. I appreciated how he got ab work in without mat work and crunches.

I think my favorite thing about this DVD is that the people behind Bob were previous Biggest Loser contestants. They were normal people! Not oiled up professionals who make you feel bad about yourself if you miss a move. They were all missing moves, tripping over their feet, and out of sync. During some lunge hops I thought one woman was going to fall into her neighbor. Loved it. I’m always out of sync and missing steps doing these DVDs because I’m not the most coordinated person.

Sounds like I just described a circus, no? haha. But I did get a great workout with this DVD. I’m ready to move beyond Level 1, though. When the session was over, I wanted more. I think Levels 2 and 3 will be more my speed.

In addition to Cardio Max, I bought the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt. It’s like the sister workout to the cardio set. My freebie was a new yoga DVD by Jillian Micheals. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one, so I’m glad it was free. I’m not a big yoga person, but I like Jillian’s workout style. Hopefully this DVD will be great like the day after a long run.

Have a great Friday!

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