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workout: 3 miles planned for this afternoon with Scout

Poor pup. It’s been raining in Maryland for days and his walks have been mediocre. We’ve only had the chance to walk him in between rain storms. And the one decent walk we had, he witnessed a dog fight. Stressful. I owe him a nice run in the sunshine. I mean, he has so much built up energy that this morning he ran laps up and down the basement stairs. He must have gone up and down 30 times.

Now, on to a very important subject: black toenails. Nasty subject, I know, but it’s something every runner fears. I’ve been fortunate to have never experienced the black toenail. I’ve trained for multiple distance races, logged hundreds of miles, and have always been blessed with healthy feet. Until this morning.

I was admiring my chipping toenail polish when something caught my eye. Sneaking out from the pink polish on my toe was a black spot. I gasped and ran for the nail polish remover. I removed the polish only to reveal the blackness. It’s a thick, short line that hasn’t spread across the toenail, but I’m scared it might. Is this just the beginning?? I need to ask my dad if it spreads. He’s been through this before.

This could be caused by shoes or lots of downhill running. I run downhill a lot, but not a ton. During the week I’m mostly on the treadmill.

I blame myself my shoes. I’m a bad, bad runner and am trying to hold off buying new shoes until my birthday next month. They’re expensive! I bought my current shoes 2 weeks before Philly. They’re almost 6 months old. ahhhhh.

I need to go hide under a rock.


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