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workout: 30 Day Shred Levels 1 & 2

No, no. I didn’t complete a triathlon yesterday. Matt did!

Woo! Here are his stats. I’m showing them because they’re awesome first time triathlon stats, especially for someone who didn’t really train. *cough cough* Maybe that’s his secret? Either that or natural ability. Lame.

Matt had to swim .6 a mile, bike 17 miles, and run 3.4 miles.

swim: 26:32
transition 1: 3:58
bike: 1:17:05
transition 2: 1:18
run: 34:07

total time: 2:22:58

Matt’s transition times were so awesome because he ignored my existence when I was screaming his name and taking tons of pictures of him changing. At one point I felt like a stalker and just decided to stop taking pictures. Sorry, Matt, that there are so many pictures of you changing into your bike gear.

I had fun watching this event. My dad and I were running back and forth between event areas trying to catch Matt coming in and going out. The swim was interesting to watch, too. So many swimmers panicked about 50 yards into the race and had to hang off canoes or sit on the rocks. They had such a long ways to go. One guy got so turned around, he began to swim toward the start and someone had to redirect him. Swimming is what stops me from ever considering a triathlon. I’d definitely panic in an open water swim. Six tenths of a mile is nothing running, but oh so far swimming. Maybe someday. Far, far away.

On the other end of the spectrum, the strong swimmers were like bullets in the water. They made it look so easy!

One interesting thing about the triathlon is how individual the sport is. Running is individual, too, but more often than not I get stuck around chatty groups at road races. Matt said that nobody was talking during the run. And I noticed that no groups came in, not even pairs of runners. Everyone was out there alone. Being mostly a solo runner, I thought that was neat.

Anywho…congrats Matt and friends!


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