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workout: 4 miles on the treadmill; 39:44

Well, it was bound to happen sometime, folks. I fell asleep after hitting snooze and Clocky rolled off my nightstand this morning. In my blind state, I fell off my bed, cursed, and dug around for the thing. I could hear it, but not see it. I finally found it and turned it off and headed downstairs for a good 4 mile run. My legs felt great today! I think the time off yesterday really helped. Never be afraid of a rest day. I warmed up at 5.7 for a mile and then ran 3 miles between 6.1 and 6.2.

It’s taken my legs a few days to get used to being active so soon after getting out of bed, especially since I just roll out of bed and go downstairs to my treadmill. I don’t really get to walk my legs, like to a gym, before running. So for me, the key to a good 5 a.m. run is a slow warm up mile. After a mile, I’m stretched out, in a groove, and good to go!

In gardening news, my newlywed friend Caroline, who happens to be a Hokie herself, just started a gardening blog!

If you like to garden or want to learn how to garden, I suggest reading her blog. It’s only a day old, but I can assure you she’ll fill it up with helpful hints and beautiful pictures. I lived across the hall from her my senior year in college and I remember she used to have tons of plant babies sitting on the counters in our house. Now she has a new backyard to fill with fresh veggies and flowers. Gardening is as peaceful to her as running is to me. She’s very good and is currently encouraging me along on my journey to grow cilantro and dill. Or am I growing cilantro and parsley? I can’t remember what my mom said they were. I know it’s not a poblano pepper, though, because that plant baby died last week. (Obviously, don’t take gardening advice from me.)

Read Caroline’s blog at ahappygarden.wordpress.com!


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workout: 3.1 mile walk/run; 35:50

The Good
Clocky woke me up this morning and I got my run in at 5 am! I didn’t even have to chase the thing around my bedroom. Not wanting to wake Scout up was motivation enough to get out of bed before Clocky rolled off my nightstand.

The Bad
My run was hard. I realized this morning just how sick with allergies I was this past week in Florida. Something in the sunshine state hated me and I was a sneezey, sniffly mess. This morning it felt like my throat was on fire when I breathed. Around mile two, I felt like I had eaten the sun. (Guess where that’s from!) So, I stopped running after two miles, upped the incline, and walked it out. It’s runs like these that make me question whether or not I can make it through training for another marathon again. No matter how many good runs I have in a row, it takes one bad run to throw me off course. How frustrating. But good runners know when to stop, right?

The Ugly
I’m happy to report that I haven’t reached “the ugly,” yet; that will surely come later in the training season. To give you guys a sneak peak, last season it entailed me breaking down in heaving sobs on the side of the road. I was a mile into a nine mile long training run for the Philadelphia marathon. My knee had been acting up for a while and I was doing my best to ignore it, until that run. The pain was so bad, my body leaned to the side to alleviate it and my running was clunky. So alas, I stopped in a grassy area next to the sidewalk and cried for about 10 minutes until I made the shameful limp home. (I do believe a man passed me in his running bliss during that walk and I stopped and cried again, but let’s not go there.)

As a runner, I learned from that breakdown. I learned that you can’t ignore an injury, no matter how close you are to your goal. Since I let the pain go on for so long, I had to take time off running and spend hours upon hours on elliptical machines. Let me tell you, there is nothing more boring than being on an elliptical machine for over three hours on a sunny Sunday morning. I think it takes A LOT for someone to admit defeat and slow down or back out of a race. My dad recently pulled out of the Pittsburgh marathon because of a hamstring injury, even after all of his long training runs and speed sessions. And you know what? He’s not down. He’s looking at smaller races for the summer and another marathon in the fall.

This training season I vow to be a smarter runner. I won’t let injuries linger and I won’t let bad runs get me down. Tomorrow is a new day with a new run!

On a side note, my dad and I were able to complete the 2009 Philadelphia marathon with help from a free physical therapy (PT) clinic screening at a local hospital. For a few weeks at the end of the summer, the clinic opened its doors every Saturday morning to those who needed advice. It was great. My PT told me what my knee problem was and how to fix it before the race. I happily completed my first marathon a few weeks later, and my dad went on to overcome a hip injury and qualify for Boston. If you need quick expert advice, look into free, local clinics. Just make sure you’re speaking with a medical professional.

For my Maryland and northern Virginia peeps, Potomac River Running offers FREE drop-in injury screenings every Saturday from 12-2 pm. Go there to speak with a medical professional about any injury you might have.

Happy running!

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As evident from my lack of posting, I ended my stay in Orlando with a little vacation. Matt and I theme parked it up. Courtesy of my office and my brother, we visited Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for FREE. We had a blast and I will post pictures soon. To summarize:

  • I ate Mickey Mouse ice cream on a stick
  • We successfully landed on Mars and nearly got sick
  • We designed the next most awesome roller coaster, Stealth Dragon
  • Matt fought aliens
  • Matt fought animatronic vultures
  • Matt hunted alligators
  • I pet a baby possum
  • We met Orlando’s chief meteorologist and talked, what else, weather
  • I got a (hottt) sunglasses tan

On a side note, this vacation was very eye-opening because Matt helped me discover my reason for running marathons: to bypass middle-aged men who take up the entire walk way and debate the current existence of Rush’s lead singer and other 80’s hair metal bands. Who knew THAT’S what gets me to run long distances??

But no matter how great a vacation is, it always feels so good to be home. We picked up Scout yesterday from his grandparents house. I missed the little guy! He might make me crazy with his jumping on the counter and licking spoons from the bottom of the sink, but he’s my only son and I love him to pieces. It was so nice to eat my breakfast this morning and have him sitting by my side on the kitchen floor; I ate my yogurt, he chewed on his cow leg. *sigh* Just like old times.

I don’t have a run to speak of today, yet. I wasn’t about to attempt to run this morning after traveling all day yesterday. Air travel takes a lot out of you, about as much as a 10 mile run. For realz. But no worries, I’m not in a funk again. I’m excited to get going post-vacation! Especially since I have this little bugger…

Yep, I bought a Clocky. With a house and a puppy, it’s been super hard for me to wake up early an run before work. I used to wake up at 4:45 am and drive to the gym and knock out 6 miles with no problem! So this little guy is going to roll off my nightstand and make me get up to run in the mornings. I’m very excited to work with him.

And Clocky, I apologize in advance for any unkind words I might throw your way. Don’t take it personal. As my coffee mug says, mornings aren’t pretty.

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