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workout: 3 miles this afternoon

I have the social tolerance of a grandma. Matt and I went to the DC Improv last night to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, which is today. aaawwwwwwww. We saw John Pinette. He was hilarious and talked about food a lot. Being a food addict, I was laughing so hard I walked out with a hoarse voice. The show ended late and I was in bed by 11:30. Thus, I did not run this morning and suspected it wasn’t going to happen last night.

In other exercise news, Matt sent me this article from WTOP that lists Washington, DC as the nation’s fittest city. I believe it. I saw a guy running last night at 10:30 as we were driving home. The article says farmer’s markets help a city stay fit. I work right outside of DC and during the week, I know of three different farmer’s markets that offer fresh vegetables, fruit, and baked goods. Last Thursday I stumbled upon a new farmer’s market and bought a loaf of morning glory bread. It was a delicious carrot bread that was low-sugar and low-fat. It was so good, Scout ate half!

Boston, my favorite city, came in second. I used to live in Boston and absolutely loved it. I walked a mile to work and back everyday and would blow my paycheck at the Trader Joe’s I passed along the way. Some days it was so cold, my eye lashes would freeze and I’d get to work with balls of ice hanging off them. And I loved running along the Charles River. There were always so many runners out. Boston truly is a runner’s city. Totally get why it came in second.

Music time! In honor of our anniversary and Boston, I leave you with “Boston” by Augustana. This is actually the second song Matt ever sent me to download in college. Over AIM. Old school.


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