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workout: none; rest day

I’m off work tomorrow so I decided to switch rest days. This way I can run outside tomorrow with Scout! And it may seem like I rest a lot, but typically I take a break from running 2 days a week. If I ran today and tomorrow, I’d be burnt out by Sunday and my long run would be a disaster. I know my limits.

So now that this blog is up and running, my husband is throwing ideas at me left and right about how to make it better because he is already bored. I read a lot of blogs that give me different types of information, like food advice, running advice, general exercise tips, nutrition information, and even grocery shopping and saving money. It’s all information that I use daily to keep on keepin’ on. Now, I want to bring that information to you. If I read, see, or hear about anything interesting that helps me become a better runner or better person, I’m going to share that information with you. My marathon training is a huge part of this blog, but it takes more than running miles to finish the actual race.

Preview: I joined a CSA and picked up my first basket of veggies last night. I got a bunch of rhubarb and tomorrow I’m going to make oatmeal rhubarb bars. yummm. I hope.

The only scheduled bit of information I give will be on Tuesdays. I used to be a firm believer that everything bad always happened on Tuesday. (I don’t really know how this came to happen, it just did.) Now that I’ve gotten over that belief, I think it was because I was looking for bad things to happen. Every Tuesday I will link to piece of good news to help make your day better. There’s so much bad news out there, on TV and in the press, that we lose site of what good is happening in the world. Everyday, people do good things and I will let you know what those good things are.


On a side note, UVA might be our rivals on the football field, but everyone there is still our friend and right now they need all the prayers and support we can give. Keep them in your thoughts. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but it’s never too early to learn information about how you can help yourself or others who are affected by domestic violence. Read up and learn how to keep yourself and others safe.


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