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workout: 3.21 mile walk/run; 35:31

Today’s the day I wish that the hotel gym didn’t cost $10. After three days of running and standing on my feet for hours, I could really have used an elliptical machine to stretch my legs. Instead, I opted for the streets and took a leisurely walk/run. It was nice! Talk about humidity, though. sheesh! How do you Floridian’s do it? I mean, it’s only 8 am.

Now I need to find a good breakfast. I’m tired of coffee maker oatmeal. I really want a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with a multigrain egg bagel. mmm. My only choices are McDonalds or the hotel market, where I can get a breakfast sandwich for $10. Seriously, everything around here cost $10.

The bright side, two more days of work! Matt comes in tonight and tomorrow afternoon, my Florida vacation officially starts. Sooooo excited.


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