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workout: rest day!

It was pretty awesome to sleep an extra hour today.

This weekend I’m going to (hopefully) finalize my training plan for NYC. My original plan was 16 weeks, but I found a FIRST training plan that eases you into their track workouts and tempo runs that goes for 18 weeks. I’m going to use this 18 week plan so I can get have some time to get in the groove of FIRST. What this means is training starts the week of July 4, not July 25. Must. Focus.

Aside from sleeping in, I like Fridays because it’s when I plan my menu for the upcoming week. I always go grocery shopping on Saturday morning, so I have to be prepared for when I head out the door so early. One big task is coupon clipping. I obsessed with coupon clipping. My mom and I always stare at the cash register and get giddy when the savings add up. Last week, I saved $24 in coupons. That’s a lot for a household of two.

Now, I don’t have time to shop different stores on the weekend, but I print coupons online and clip them from the paper inserts. I also base my weekly meals around what’s available through coupons. I save a lot of money this way.

My favorite site is Couponmom.com. Here I can print all available coupons in my area. They print three to a page so not to waste too much paper. Some sites take forever to print one to a page, but it’s fast and easy with Coupon Mom. This lady also has a book out. I’ve learned valuable coupon doubling tricks from her. Highly recommend it.

I also get tons of emails notifying me of deals. Here’s a link I got from Betty Crocker this morning. Ain’t she sweet to send me all these coupons?

Lastly, if I know I need a special item, I search for coupons online. I haven’t paid full price for things like almond milk and foil in weeks because I search for coupons if they’re not in the paper or advertised on coupon sites.

Couponing is totally worth the time and effort!


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workout: 4 miles; 38:01

mile 1: 9:32
mile 2: 9:39
mile 3: 9:30
mile 4: 9:17

With my current plan, my marathon training starts a month from Saturday. It’s a program designed by the New York Road Runners, catered toward NYC Marathon runners. It’s a hard schedule. There are a lot of high mileage weeks and consecutive running days.

A few months ago my sister-in-law, Erin, sent me a link to FIRST’s website. Since then, I’ve seen it successfully followed on a few blogs. It’s a program designed around running less and running faster. It emphasizes three key runs a week combined with two days of crosstraining. Basically, what would be two easy runs in a regular training schedule are replaced with crosstraining.

I’m thinking of reworking my training schedule to incorporate the FIRST method. I used a typical high mileage program last fall training for Philly. While it got me across the finish line, I battled mental fatigue and a knee injury. I ran a lot of junk miles that seemed to wear me down.

FIRST stresses quality over quantity, and I’m starting to see how this works. Lately I’ve cut back my own running. I typically run four to five times a week. For the past two weeks, I’ve taken more time off the road and to my basement crosstraining. So far, this has resulted in a great 5 mile run this weekend and a great run today. My times have gotten a bit faster; I’m experiencing more sub-10 minute miles. My legs aren’t as heavy either.

I get burnt out real easily. Too much training wears me down and stresses me out. I follow through, but my mind and legs end up tired. I don’t want that again. Not for New York.

So for the next few days, I’m going to tweak and plan my schedule for NYC. I’m going to incorporate ideas from FIRST and my current plan. I’ll post it when I’m done. I’m excited! I feel good about these programs working together.

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