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workout: kickboxing DVD

I wanted a tough crosstraining experience today, so I dusted off my old Jillian Michaels “Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism” DVD. I had not used this video since February when Maryland experienced the worst snowstorm ever. I was training for a half marathon and was stuck inside for 5 days due to 2 feet of snow and blizzard conditions. This was pre-treadmill too. I was miserable. I worked out to this DVD everyday to keep my endurance up. When I had a bad race, I blamed Jillian and the snow. Sorry, Jill.

This morning it was like pre-snowstorm days and Jillian kicked my butt. It felt great! And I’m already looking forward to my run tomorrow. Usually I dread Thursday runs because I’m tired and worn out. I’m going to love this new schedule!

For good news today I wanted to share a program that VT created for undergraduates. Here’s the description from the CPSVP website:

The CPSVP has developed a new undergraduate degree option at Virginia Tech. This University Concentration in Violence Prevention and Peace Studies will offer students from many areas an opportunity to focus their academic efforts on the field. The CPSVP will offer a Capstone Seminar allowing students to crystallize what they have learned in concentration tracks housed in several departments, and to work closely with students from other disciplines.

Courses will be taught by faculty from across Virginia Tech, and visiting scholars. The Capstone Seminar course will include service learning projects in the community.

The Concentration option is expected to be available in Spring 2011. Currently, students may enroll for the course Global Society, Violence, and the Prospects for Peace (Soc/Phil/Geog/AAE 4984), which will be introduced as a year-long course beginning in the Fall semester of 2010.

Isn’t this a neat program? I like how it will get students involved in the community. I was an Appalachian Studies minor at Tech and it involved a lot of community hours. I loved getting out of the classroom and into the heart of southwestern Virginia and West Virginia. The best courses are the ones that get you involved and active. It’s so rewarding to see your hard work in action within the surrounding community.

It’ll be interesting to see where this program goes and to read about its impact in the local VT community and globally.


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workout: none; rest day

Today was going to be a Jillian Michaels DVD day, but my body said no. I woke up at 5 am with an awful sore throat, so I slapped Clocky quiet and devoured an extra hour of sleep. Ever since work in Orlando, our busy vacation, and bathroom remodeling (which Matt is mostly doing, but moral support and holding chalk string is hard!), I’ve been so tired and out of it. This morning I tried to get off the metro with an iTunes gift card. It took me two stalls and several attempts before I realized the problem. I want to take a day off work this week to just get myself together. phew.

In happier news, I booked a hotel room for New York! My parents helped me find a great rate just 7 miles from the start. For New York, I’d rather stay close to the start than close to the finish; I don’t mind the trip back to the hotel. I’m always a nervous wreck the morning of a race and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding transportation to the start so early in a foreign city.

It feels like my trip is two weeks now that I have everything planned. You wouldn’t guess that I have about 6 months and miles up on miles of training until I arrive in New York City. I’m excited! A new adventure is always fun. And training for a big race is always an adventure. I feel good about the NYC Marathon. I’m going into this race smarter and better prepared. yay!

Fun fact: I used to live on Long Island. We used to go into the city all the time, especially when family visited. I specifically remember two trips into the city: (1) when my dad got us lost trying to find a fish market and we ended up in the not-so-good part of town and (2) when we went to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the pouring rain with all my family from Massachusetts. I saw Kris Kross. Remember them?!

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