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workout: kickboxing DVD

I wanted a tough crosstraining experience today, so I dusted off my old Jillian Michaels “Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism” DVD. I had not used this video since February when Maryland experienced the worst snowstorm ever. I was training for a half marathon and was stuck inside for 5 days due to 2 feet of snow and blizzard conditions. This was pre-treadmill too. I was miserable. I worked out to this DVD everyday to keep my endurance up. When I had a bad race, I blamed Jillian and the snow. Sorry, Jill.

This morning it was like pre-snowstorm days and Jillian kicked my butt. It felt great! And I’m already looking forward to my run tomorrow. Usually I dread Thursday runs because I’m tired and worn out. I’m going to love this new schedule!

For good news today I wanted to share a program that VT created for undergraduates. Here’s the description from the CPSVP website:

The CPSVP has developed a new undergraduate degree option at Virginia Tech. This University Concentration in Violence Prevention and Peace Studies will offer students from many areas an opportunity to focus their academic efforts on the field. The CPSVP will offer a Capstone Seminar allowing students to crystallize what they have learned in concentration tracks housed in several departments, and to work closely with students from other disciplines.

Courses will be taught by faculty from across Virginia Tech, and visiting scholars. The Capstone Seminar course will include service learning projects in the community.

The Concentration option is expected to be available in Spring 2011. Currently, students may enroll for the course Global Society, Violence, and the Prospects for Peace (Soc/Phil/Geog/AAE 4984), which will be introduced as a year-long course beginning in the Fall semester of 2010.

Isn’t this a neat program? I like how it will get students involved in the community. I was an Appalachian Studies minor at Tech and it involved a lot of community hours. I loved getting out of the classroom and into the heart of southwestern Virginia and West Virginia. The best courses are the ones that get you involved and active. It’s so rewarding to see your hard work in action within the surrounding community.

It’ll be interesting to see where this program goes and to read about its impact in the local VT community and globally.


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workout: 3-4 miles, at some point this afternoon

This morning I woke up to run and got out of bed and stretched and wanted to crumble to the floor and cry. My core and arm muscles hurt so bad. It’s all her fault:

When I finished 4 of the 5 sets yesterday morning, I didn’t think I got a great workout in because I really didn’t sweat that much. Whenever I do Jillian Michaels’ kickboxing DVD, I’m a sweaty mess. It wasn’t until this morning when I really felt yesterday’s workout.

  • Basic Training. This level was fun. The instructor isn’t annoying and gets right to the point when the segment starts. She immediately goes into a warm up and guides you through basic kickboxing moves. As all the segments go, she introduces several moves before the end when she puts them all together into a fast circuit.
  • Ultimate Buns and Thighs. I did not do this level.
  • Arm & Shoulder Sculptor. I appreciated this level because I need to work on toning my arms and building muscle. She introduced holding weights whilst boxing. My only mistake on this level was that I used 5 pound hand weights. I think, for my level of strength, those were a bit too heavy to box with. I need to get 2 pound weights. Toward the end of the segment I put my weights down. My arms were burning. I know, I’m such a cop-out!
  • Washboard Abs. This level forced me to work on my abs. For that, thank you Keli Roberts. I hate ab work. She incorporated lots of different moves, which I liked.
  • Fat Burning Blast. I liked this level, but I don’t know how effective it was. It was a bit too dancey for me. I’m not coordinated to dance, and her moves here were quick and there wasn’t as much kicking. I like kicking!

My biggest gripe about this DVD is that the segments are too short. The levels are 10 minutes each and the instructor includes a minute warm up and cool down within the 10 minutes. So you really have 8 minutes to do the bulk of the workout. I’d like to tack on 2 extra minutes and have a full 10 minutes to kickbox. For a quick workout, I’d like to get in as much intense movement as possible.

But overall, for a change in my routine, this DVD was good and I’ll use it again. I like how the segments are broken up so I can use this DVD on busy days to target certain areas. However, I would not rely on this program entirely to work out and lose weight. For me, it’s just a good supplement to my running because it gets other muscles working.

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Monday’s workout: rest day
Tuesday’s workout: kickboxing DVD

This morning I hopped was forced out of bed by Clocky…twice. Apparently one roll off the nightstand wasn’t fun enough at 5 am. I don’t run on Tuesday, well I usually don’t do anything on Tuesday, but I took yesterday off so I figured I might as well do something to get my heart rate up. So I did some kickboxing. It was fun. I enjoy kickboxing. If ever I have all the money in the world, I will join a kickboxing gym. If one ever exists.

I dream big.

Side note: Matt is running his first sprint triathlon in two weeks. He did his first brick workout last night. When he got home, I expected horror stories of stiff legs and a miserable run. Apparently he was fine and his run was glorious. yay. clap clap. Had that been me, I would have fallen on my face right off the bike, which has happened at the gym before on a stationary bike. I won’t go into details. My body doesn’t like new things all at once, so it protests. Is this because he’s a guy? He keeps endurance too well. humph. I’m deleting his workout from my Garmin…….

Baked French Toast

1 loaf of cinnamon bread, cubed
8 eggs
2 cups of milk
6 tablespoons of melted butter or margarine
1/2 cup of maple syrup

Grease a 9 x 13 pan and put the cubed bread in it.

In a blender or bowl, mix eggs, milk, melted butter, and syrup. Pour it over the bread evenly. Cover and place in fridge overnight.

Take out the soaked bread the next morning and let stand for 30 minutes before you bake it.

Preheat oven 350 degrees and bake uncovered for 35-40 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. Let stand for 10 minutes, cut, and enjoy!

Note: I used whole wheat raisin walnut bread from my favorite bakery in Bethesda, Spring Mill, so I added cinnamon to the egg mixture. I also did not cube my bread. Forgot to. I was just too excited to be cutting the bread and eating the discarded pieces that I forgot to cube it. ooops.

I served the french toast with extra syrup and fresh strawberries. mmm. Very good and worth baking!

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workout: rest day

Happy Friday! Today’s a rest from running, but I plan on doing this new kickboxing DVD tonight before I go on a cleaning spree. I bought it on sale at the bookstore the other day and have never heard of this series before.

Doesn’t she look fierce? roar. Hopefully my hair will be as perfect post-workout as hers. It better be good. It consists of 5 different 10 minute workouts that focus on:

  • basic training
  • ultimate buns and thighs
  • arms and shoulders
  • abs
  • fat burning

I needed a new workout DVD. I have all of Jillian Michaels’ DVDs and I’m bored with them because I know them by heart. It’s hard to get excited about working out when you know exactly what is going to happen. That’s why I like running; every run is different, especially when you run outside. There is always something new to see! I’ll review it when I’m done!

I think I’m also going to get back on the Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer bandwagon. I got this DVD set for Christmas last year and really like it, when I commit to it. ha. If you don’t know already, Tony Horton is responsible for the infamous P90X program. Matt works out to P90X and I watched part of a DVD once. People were doing pull ups on bars hanging from the ceiling. Not my thang.  Tony’s 10 Minute Trainer is for the weaker of the bunch, like me. I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Speaking of staying fit, we’re having family stay over tonight and I’m making baked french toast for breakfast in the morning. I’m going to prepare it tonight so it’s ready to bake when everyone wakes up in the morning. I might just have to share this recipe tomorrow. It’s amazing. My aunt made it for Matt and me when we stayed with them last summer in Massachusetts. I’m excited to have a reason to bake it again!

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