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workout: 4 miles; 39:56

mile 1: 10:06
mile 2: 9:48
mile 3: 10:05
mile 4: 9:56

Hello, wind. Didn’t know you’d be out in full force today. sheesh. Should have checked the weather before I went out this morning.

My goal for today’s run was to pay attention to my pace. I wanted to keep my miles around 10 minutes, just to try out consistency and attention to detail. I’m very good at going out fast and ending tired and slow. Since I have a Garmin 405, I want to focus and try to keep long runs slower than race pace. I did a pretty good job! Very pleased.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I hope to run another 5k with you soon. As in at the end of this month. I know you can do it!

Oh, and America runs on Dunkin.


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