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New Music!

Monday: multiple walks with Scout
Tuesday: 3.11 miles; 30:01

Yesterday I listened to a grand total of 3 different songs on my 30 minute run. And one song was a pity song that I felt like I had to listen to because I had already repeated the other songs multiple times. What can I say? I binge on songs. Better than binging on oatmeal animal crackers. OH WAIT! I binged on those as well last night. ooops.

Whatever. They were organic.

The two songs I binged on were by Jackson Browne, surprise surprise. His music is good for short runs. The songs were “Of Missing Persons” and “I’m Alive”. One song is about the death of a friend and the other is about a bad breakup. There’s no good reason why I should have run so well to these songs since the lyrics are so melancholy. But Jackson has a way of putting vibrant beats behind tough times that really (if you’re going through a low point) would help you get going again.

In other words, these songs are sad but make you want to movie jump during the chorus.

Anywho…onto something more interesting. A few days ago I was contacted by a very nice person at AudioFuel.

AudioFuel is custom written for running. Our music is custom composed for you to run to the beat. AudioFuel matches and drives your stride and pace when you run. The vibe and lyrics of every track are designed to increase your performance and make your running easier. Most music’s tempo is too slow to run to the beat. And AudioFuel delivers because the music sounds good… unlike a lot of ‘exercise music’. Only the best artists compose AudioFuel.

My contact read that I’ve been listening to music on the go lately and offered to send me a few samples of their running music. I received:

The music is set to specific beats that your legs can run to. And there’s coaching thrown in to keep you going. As an American this is very exciting because the voice has a British accent. FUN!

I haven’t run to these, yet, but I plan on running my weekly 8 miler to Run Free 1 either today or tomorrow. I’m excited to see how my running compares as to when I listen to Dave Matthews, my usual long run friend.


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Sunday’s workout: 8 miles; 1:22:27
today’s workout: Biggest Loser Cardio max DVD; 50 minutes

I don’t have my Garmin with me so I can’t give you splits from Sunday, but no worries. They weren’t too impressive. I tried my hardest to stay around 10:15 minute miles and it was hard on the hills. I’m getting better with keeping pace at slight, long hills. But I can’t seem to manage the short, steep hills. *sigh* It’s so frustrating. I mean, I run up Mt. Everest (didn’t know it was in the ‘burbs of Maryland, did ya??) almost every Sunday and it always punches me in the face.

This morning I completed the entire Cardio Max DVD. wowzzas. That is all I have to say about that.

Since it’s Monday and I’m tired I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs, “Wildflowers”. Listen to this song. It’s so good. This weekend I read that he might do an acoustic tour this fall. Um, heck ya! Do it, buddy! Acoustic Ryan Adams is the Ryan Adams I fell in love with back in 2001. I accept his “Magjik” phase, but I’d really rather not talk about it.

Instead, I like to think about the summer when my college roomie, Jessica, and I traveled to see him in two different states in three days. That summer included the following:

  • me not being able to look at Ryan Adams while he was 15 feet away from me on the sidewalk
  • me semi-stalking Ryan Adams in a mall
  • me leaving Jessica pale-faced and sick to keep my front row spot right in front of Ryan Adams (she understood, such a good friend)
  • Jessica hitting the guy next to her because I complained he was on his cell phone when Caitlin Cary walked on stage to perform with Ryan Adams in a Whiskeytown mini-reunion (she got him off the phone!)

Such fond memories.

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workout: 3.04 miles; 29:38

mile 1: 10:00
mile 2: 9:57
mile 3: 9:18

Beautiful run this morning. It was humid, but not hot. Ya know? Maryland is supposed to get up to the low 100s today. Good thing I got out while I could! My treadmill is currently covered with backer board, so that wouldn’t have been an option today. We’re going through some home improvements. Matt and I aren’t sad that we lost HGTV because we’re living it right now with a bathroom remodel.

This evening my hamstrings have a date with The Stick.

My hamstrings are extremely tight today. I could hardly stretch them out when I finished my run this morning. I should have brought this baby into work. It hurts so good.

I don’t have much else to say today. I’m experiencing the Thursday slump. So I leave you with James Taylor. And not just any James Taylor…1979 awesome mustache James Taylor. A coworker of mine saw him in concert last night and played a clip of the concert on his iPhone this morning. He played “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. But it’s a good, sweet song so I’m okay with it looping in my mind. If you’re in a Thursday slump like me, hopefully this song will pull you out of it.

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workout: 3 miles this afternoon

I have the social tolerance of a grandma. Matt and I went to the DC Improv last night to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, which is today. aaawwwwwwww. We saw John Pinette. He was hilarious and talked about food a lot. Being a food addict, I was laughing so hard I walked out with a hoarse voice. The show ended late and I was in bed by 11:30. Thus, I did not run this morning and suspected it wasn’t going to happen last night.

In other exercise news, Matt sent me this article from WTOP that lists Washington, DC as the nation’s fittest city. I believe it. I saw a guy running last night at 10:30 as we were driving home. The article says farmer’s markets help a city stay fit. I work right outside of DC and during the week, I know of three different farmer’s markets that offer fresh vegetables, fruit, and baked goods. Last Thursday I stumbled upon a new farmer’s market and bought a loaf of morning glory bread. It was a delicious carrot bread that was low-sugar and low-fat. It was so good, Scout ate half!

Boston, my favorite city, came in second. I used to live in Boston and absolutely loved it. I walked a mile to work and back everyday and would blow my paycheck at the Trader Joe’s I passed along the way. Some days it was so cold, my eye lashes would freeze and I’d get to work with balls of ice hanging off them. And I loved running along the Charles River. There were always so many runners out. Boston truly is a runner’s city. Totally get why it came in second.

Music time! In honor of our anniversary and Boston, I leave you with “Boston” by Augustana. This is actually the second song Matt ever sent me to download in college. Over AIM. Old school.

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workout: 3 miles on treadmill; 29:51

After today’s run, I had the most enjoyable zone out. I did some strength training moves from my new favorite book and was beat afterward. So I opened the sliding glass door, laid back down, and zoned out to The Boss. It was breezy. The birds were a-chirpin’. It was glorious. And then my 6:05 alarm went off and ruined it all.

Needless to say, Monday’s I’m kind of burnt out from the weekends and my mind is tired. Thus, Monday’s are going to be Music Monday. Great music will be posted every week! Because I only listen to great music. Give or take a couple of artists that are on an old spinning play list of mine. But I won’t go there.

Today, enjoy some Bruce Springsteen. This is the song I zoned out to this morning. It’s very relaxing. And this version comes with a nifty little slide show. You’re welcome.

My running pal, Allyson (who is a Hokie and had to deal with live with me in a room for an entire year and is training for her first marathon this fall), got engaged over the weekend! YAY! During a run. How cutes. Allyson, good luck planning the wedding. It’s a lot like training for a big race, so I’m sure you’ll be fine!

My other ex-roommate, Jessica (who seriously had to straight out deal with me for 3 years), just kind of graduated with a Masters in Architecture! YAY! I’m worried about how I’m going to deal with her not living in Blacksburg. It’s going to take some getting used to. *sigh*

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workout: 3 miles on the treadmill; 29:42

My mission today is to find a quick little core routine to do after my runs. I very much dislike strength training. I’d rather spend my time doing cardio. But in order to become a stronger runner, I must spend time each week on strengthening moves. Tuesday’s I’m planning on doing Jillian Michaels DVDs or (gasp) one of Matt’s P90X DVDs, if I’m feeling full of myself. But everyday I’d like to get some core work in. I tried to start this morning. After running, I put my mat on the ground and lied down on my back in an attempt to do crunches. I did a few and then just stared at the ceiling until my 6:05 alarm went off. Who knew we had a ceiling fan in the basement?! Awesome.

So, Saturday morning I was on edge while Matt wandered around Home Depot because I wanted to be home at 10 am, sharp. When we got home, right at 10, I ran to my laptop and ordered Jackson Browne tickets. He’s playing Wolf Trap this fall. I LOVE Jackson Browne. I don’t know if it’s his awkward album covers or super cool haircut, but he’s right behind Ryan Adams and Dave Matthews as one of my favorite artists. His songs are timeless because he’s such a good songwriter and lyricist. And I finally get to see him live! I’m overly excited. I giggled like a little school girl and clapped when my ticket purchase went through.

So, alas, I leave you with classic 1980s Jackson Browne. *sigh*

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workout: 3.33 miles/32:36

mile 1: 9:57
mile 2: 9:50
mile 3: 9:46
.33 mile: 9:12

Why? Are those negative splits in 80 degree weather on no sleep for the past two days??? YES! My run wasn’t particularly interesting, but I did find new places to eat, besides McDonalds, on the other side of the conference center here in Orlando.

I’m tired of being stuck around three miles lately, but it’s all I have time for right now. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll have time for four miles? I hope so. Although I should just be happy I get to run at all!

Now, as the title of this post mentions, it’s song time. My iPod knows me so well, that when it’s on shuffle, it tends to play a lot of Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin, two of my favorite artists. But yesterday on the plane, it randomly played “One Day” by Matisyahu. I downloaded this song months ago and forgot I had it. After it played, I repeated it a few times to listen to the lyrics closer. It’s been stuck in my head ever since and I’ve decided that it’s the perfect song for this blog.

Matisyahu sings of hope and a peaceful world. Just the beat makes you feel good! Enjoy it!

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