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workout: 4 miles; 40:12

mile 1: 10:39
mile 2: 10:04
mile 3: 9:45
mile 4: 9:43

As the title states, today is National Running Day!

I’m pretty sure this is just a national day that the New York Road Runners made up to promote themselves, but I’ll take it. I celebrated today, without even knowing its importance, with a nice 4 miler outside this morning. Yes, that’s right. It was light out at 5 am and I took my run outdoors. It was glorious. My legs were very stiff, as proven by my slow first mile, but after I warmed up I felt great and enjoyed the chilly, humid air before it got hot, which was around 6 when the sun came up. Gotta love late spring.

If you’re curious about how to celebrate National Running Day, read this article written by Mark Remy, a writer for Runner’s World magazine. He spells out very clearly how even the non-runner can celebrate today.

Whether you’re walking, running, jogging, hopping, skipping, or twirling, get outside and enjoy today!


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