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workout: 3-4 miles, at some point this afternoon

This morning I woke up to run and got out of bed and stretched and wanted to crumble to the floor and cry. My core and arm muscles hurt so bad. It’s all her fault:

When I finished 4 of the 5 sets yesterday morning, I didn’t think I got a great workout in because I really didn’t sweat that much. Whenever I do Jillian Michaels’ kickboxing DVD, I’m a sweaty mess. It wasn’t until this morning when I really felt yesterday’s workout.

  • Basic Training. This level was fun. The instructor isn’t annoying and gets right to the point when the segment starts. She immediately goes into a warm up and guides you through basic kickboxing moves. As all the segments go, she introduces several moves before the end when she puts them all together into a fast circuit.
  • Ultimate Buns and Thighs. I did not do this level.
  • Arm & Shoulder Sculptor. I appreciated this level because I need to work on toning my arms and building muscle. She introduced holding weights whilst boxing. My only mistake on this level was that I used 5 pound hand weights. I think, for my level of strength, those were a bit too heavy to box with. I need to get 2 pound weights. Toward the end of the segment I put my weights down. My arms were burning. I know, I’m such a cop-out!
  • Washboard Abs. This level forced me to work on my abs. For that, thank you Keli Roberts. I hate ab work. She incorporated lots of different moves, which I liked.
  • Fat Burning Blast. I liked this level, but I don’t know how effective it was. It was a bit too dancey for me. I’m not coordinated to dance, and her moves here were quick and there wasn’t as much kicking. I like kicking!

My biggest gripe about this DVD is that the segments are too short. The levels are 10 minutes each and the instructor includes a minute warm up and cool down within the 10 minutes. So you really have 8 minutes to do the bulk of the workout. I’d like to tack on 2 extra minutes and have a full 10 minutes to kickbox. For a quick workout, I’d like to get in as much intense movement as possible.

But overall, for a change in my routine, this DVD was good and I’ll use it again. I like how the segments are broken up so I can use this DVD on busy days to target certain areas. However, I would not rely on this program entirely to work out and lose weight. For me, it’s just a good supplement to my running because it gets other muscles working.


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