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Tuesday: 5 miles; 48:59 minutes

My run last night was glorious. Glorious! It was chilly out and I got to wear shorts and a long-sleeved shirt. My favorite running combo!

I was, however, barked at upon my return. Scout wasn’t very happy that I didn’t take him running with me; he’s been mad at me for a couple of days about this issue. Yesterday he retaliated by running around with a box of Ziploc bags and then opening his food container so he could stick his head in and eat at will. He also got me up at 4 am pretending to have to go the bathroom while he really just wanted to run around in the back yard.

This morning he ate a chopstick.

You see, Scout had big boy dog surgery last week and can’t exercise for another week. It’s going to be a long one…


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A Little Wiggle Room

Tuesday: 5.08 miles; 50:04

Yesterday’s run was great on several account:

  • It was cool outside
  • It woke me up
  • I listened to 80s music and felt like I was in a montage the entire time

It was pretty sweet. At one point I contemplated jumping up in the air, but I figured that wouldn’t be so good on the ol’ knees.

In other running news, Scout ran his first 5 miler yesterday! Matt went running later in the evening and took Scout along. I think the farthest Scout had ever run was 4 miles. Matt, who keeps a pretty fast pace, said Scout kept up and didn’t complain! He celebrated by eating his dinner extra fast and wiggling around on his back. Scout, that is. Matt celebrated by setting the trash out for pick up this morning. Not as fun.

Shouldn’t we all celebrate good runs like Scout?? I think it would make days a little more entertaining.

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Sunday: 9.3 miles; 1:something

*Note on training: My work hours are moving up a half hour, which means no more time for morning workouts. Now I’ll post the previous day’s run/workout. I’ll be getting home earlier, though, so hopefully the switch won’t be too bad.

The McFlurry I had at 10 o’clock on Saturday night might have played a part in me not quite making my mileage goal on Sunday. heehee. ooops. But it’s okay because I was on a mission all weekend to get ice cream and that McFlurry was a-freakin-mazing after previous obstacles trying to get ice cream over the weekend, which may or may not have included Matt storming out of an ice cream shop leaving its owner holding his ice cream cone.

Saturday, before the ice cream debacle, Matt and I took Scout to Dog Days in Frederick, Maryland. It was awesome. There’s nothing better than lots of puppies and a well-behaved Scout.

Frederick is a very dog friendly city (take a note MoCo…gah!). Scout really appreciated this ornate doggy water fountain. The water never ended!! Well, until Matt’s foot got tired.

There was an agility course set up for the dogs to try out.

There was even dog friendly dining! We ate outside at Brewer’s Alley with Scout and sat by a really nice couple that had a 12-week old chocolate lab puppy named Angie. Scout and her got along great! They both pawed at each other and licked each other’s gums. A match made in doggy heaven. Not a lot of dogs tolerate Scout’s appreciation for clean gums and dental hygiene. If only Angie lived near by!

Scout enjoyed himself and was very tired on the drive home.

But he wasn’t too tired for a run on Sunday morning! My first 2 miles were with Scout. The air was cool and he had a great time…and slept the rest of the day!

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I took the past few days off updating the blog and enjoyed a four-day weekend. I stare at the computer all day at work, so I don’t really hang out online all that much at home. But while I was away from the computer, I kept my workouts and runs a-goin’!

Saturday’s workout: Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD; 50 minutes
Sunday’s workout: 6 miles; 1:02:17 (hot, hot, hottt at 8 am)
Monday’s workout: swam laps; 35 minutes
Tuesday’s workout: 3.45 miles; 32:50 (track work: 6 x 1 minute fast, 3 minutes recovery)
today: rest day!

My biggest accomplishment this weekend, besides eating a lot of cake, was swimming on Monday morning. I mostly used a kick board to swim laps, but at points Matt taught me how to use my arms and how to breath properly. I choked a lot, which makes me think Scout got his ability to swim from his mom. Let’s just say, right now Scout likes dry land a lot better than water.

Yesterday’s track workout was good. I finished all six sprints, which was an accomplishment in the hazy morning heat. Three minutes into my cool down jog I had to drop down to a walk because I began to get goosebumps, which isn’t good in the heat. Goose bumps are an early sign of heat exhaustion. After I stopped running, I drank an electrolyte drink and sat in the shady grass. I felt better immediately.

It’s important to read up on heat illnesses in the summer. Over heating can happen fast and is very dangerous. Here’s more on the subject:

Heat exhaustion: Losing fluid and electrolytes through sweat leads to dizziness and weakness if the lost fluids are not replaced. Heat exhaustion is characterized by a moderate rise in body temperature, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and a headache. You might also experience weakness, lack of coordination, heat cramps, heavier than usual sweating accompanied by moist and cold skin, and “goose bumps.” Your heart rate may rise and you won’t be able to run as fast due to fatigue. Many runners – even those who are well trained – will suffer from mild heat exhaustion after running for several hours in hot and humid conditions. If you experience the signs of heat exhaustion, stop running immediately and drink fluids containing electrolytes, cool your body with wet towels, lie down and elevate your feet a few inches above your heart, and immediately get out of the sun. Since heat exhaustion can lead to the most severe form of heat-related illness, heat stroke, seeking prompt medical attention for heat exhaustion is also highly recommended.

Heatstroke: In extreme cases heat can upset the body’s thermostat, causing body temperature to rise to 105 degrees F or higher. This is a life-threatening situation that requires immediate medical attention. While it is common for untreated heat exhaustion to rapidly progress to heatstroke, heatstroke can (and does) occur without the signs of heat exhaustion being apparent. Symptoms of heatstroke include lethargy and extreme weakness, confusion and odd or bizarre behavior, disorientation and unconsciousness. Because heatstroke is a complete failure of the body’s temperature regulation system, sweating ceases and the skin becomes hot and dry. Convulsions or seizures can occur as the brain begins to shut down. Coma and death are also possible in extreme cases. Heatstroke is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. Call the emergency response system immediately! Get the runner out of the sun, remove all clothing, and immediately rub their body with ice or immerse the runner in cold water.

By staying properly hydrated and recognizing the early warning signs of heat illness, as a runner you can prevent a heat-related problem from becoming a life-threatening situation

And I know we’re past July 4, but later I’ll post a recipe for a strawberry poke cake I made. I was uber original and made it into a flag cake as well. It was delish!

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…doesn’t mean I like to swim.

Person #2 better have a good explanation for this tomorrow.

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Guest Post: Scout Folden

workout: 2.77 miles; 28:12

Hi, all. My name is Scout. I’m guesting today because I want to tell you all about my run this morning and how I train, being an 11 month old lab puppy.

First off, I was forced to run 2.77 miles this morning at 8. I used the word “forced” because I thought I was getting plenty of exercise running around the living room, jumping up on the couch, and reaching up on the table to grab random objects. Apparently Person #2 didn’t think that was adequate enough. Whatev.

So, we set out and the weather was good. Luckily Person #2 was nice enough to get us out before the 95 degree weather came. But to be honest, I was jealous of Person #1 who was still sleeping. *sigh*

We ran up some hills and I saw my friend Remy. It was fun. I wasn’t allowed to take as many bathroom breaks as I had wanted, but that’s okay. I’ll make sure to be extra annoying and stop more than usual on our next walk. I made a mental note of all trees I missed this morning.

After 2.5 miles I decided I wanted to stop. So I did and layed down on the grass. Person #2 wasn’t too happy about this because I didn’t really warn her about stopping and her arm almost popped out its socket. heh heh. I can’t help but giggle.

We sat in the grass for a few minutes until I got back up and decided it was time to go again. We ran well until a squirrel darted out across the sidewalk. Trying to protect Person #2, I ran after it. I was unsuccessful at catching the varmint. How dare it run in front of us like that! gah!

After the squirrel episode I was just tired and decided to end our run just short of 3 miles. So close to the goal Person #2 set out for us this morning. Annoying, right? It was on purpose a total accident. It felt like 3 miles to me!

To wrap up this post, I want to talk about nutrition. Food intake is very important for runners. I swear by lamb and rice. My People tried to switch to some cheaper, other brand a few weeks ago. Chicken and oats. Lame. It tasted alright and it sat well in my stomach, but it just wasn’t the same. So I faked a massive stomach for 3 days until they brought back my lamb and rice. yum. I’m glad to have it back. Don’t mess with perfection, especially for a runner.

Okay, I’m pooped. Time for a nap. Peace!

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