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workout: rest day

Kind of. I plan on walking at lunch. I work right next to one of my favorite running trails, the Capital Crescent Trail, in Bethesda, MD.

Photo courtesy of cctrail.org.

While I don’t get on the trail as much as I used to, it’s still dear to my heart. I ran it a lot pre-Garmin days to train for my first couple half marathons. Every half mile is clearly marked and since it used to be a trail way, it’s relatively flat. I can’t really run long distances on it anymore. (1) It’s farther from my house now and (2) I know it so well, it’s really quite boring for long distances. I know all the turns, the grades, and the tunnels so well that I don’t need the mile signs anymore. I ran 15 miles on it last summer, training for Philly, and it was hard. Not physically hard, but mentally.

But while the trail is no longer useful for long runs, it’s great for 30-40 minute speedy walks during lunch. It’s shaded with trees and generously populated with other lunch walkers. I like getting out of the office and listening to my music along the trail. So relaxing. I’m not good at sitting at my desk all day. I get antsy.

Anywho, I read this article on good sportsmanship recently and thought it’d be good to share today. It’s about two collegiate golfers vying for a spot in a national golf tournament. One golfer, a sophomore, already held a team spot on the nationals. The other golfer, a senior, was playing for his last chance at nationals. Toward the end of the qualifying tournament, the sophomore purposely shot out of par to let his opponent have an open spot in nationals.

This story can go two ways. I really like how considerate the younger player was when he gave up an individual honor to let someone else have a chance in nationals. You don’t see selflessness like that a lot in competitive sports. But then again, the senior will never know if he really earned that coveted spot since it was given to him. Do you think he feels personally accomplished?


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