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workout: 3 miles with Scout; 31:16

mile 1: 10:25
mile 2: 10:40
mile 3: 10:11

Scout was a little terror this morning, but he’s good and tired now! My pup did great for 3 whole miles. There were a few bathroom breaks here and there, but he hung in there.

Now, I must strength train. Yesterday I bought this book by Women’s Health magazine.

As I said before, I’m horrible at strength training and determined to get better at it. So with the help of a schedule (I LOVE schedules!) and tons of fancy pictures, I’m on a 4 week plan to get stronger! I’m counting on a strong core and back to pull me through the hills in NYC. The hills owned me in Philadelphia last fall.

Check back later! I’m making oatmeal rhubarb bars. nom nom nom.


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