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And Now We Taper

Thursday: 5.5 miles; not timed
Friday: rest
Saturday: 20 miles; 3:44:17
Sunday: 3 mile walk with Scout

Saturday’s 20 miles was hard due to strong wind gusts. There were times where my legs were moving but it felt like I was going nowhere. Quitting at 5 miles crossed my mind but I didn’t let it stop me. Because after 5 miles was complete, I only had 15 more to go. Easy peasy. In all seriousness, though, the winds were rough and I only got through them because I talked myself into keep going. Looking back now I’m really grateful for the wind. It would have been easy to stop and walk home, but I didn’t. Knowing I can talk myself into running 20 miles in strong wind makes me confident that I can talk myself over any wall I may hit on November 7.

When I got home I stretched out the floor and then curled up in a little ball. Bending my legs felt so good! It wasn’t until I realized my teeth were clattering and I was shivering that I got up to take a hot shower. Then I made myself pancakes about 2 hours later when I finally felt hungry.

Not getting sick on Saturday was also a plus because the last time I used that pancake batter was after my 20 miler last year. Apparently I don’t eat a lot of pancakes and pancake batter doesn’t go bad after a year. Go Target brand! But I probably should buy some more before I run 20 miles again next year. If I choose to do so. Just sayin’.

Now that I’m tapering I have time to psych myself up for New York. I probably couldn’t run a marathon next weekend, but I will definitely run a marathon on November 7. It’s all mental at this point. I’ve done all I can do to my body to prepare for the mileage. Now I just have to convince myself that I can go the extra 6.2 miles and finish my second marathon.

Tapering this year also includes two awesome races before the big day! This weekend is my second running of the Army 10 Miler in Washington, DC. The following Saturday is the Wicked 10k down in Virginia Beach. Here are my lofty race goals:

  • Army 10 Miler: don’t trip and injure yourself
  • Wicked 10k: don’t trip and injure yourself…and find candy corn and eat lots of chocolate candy…but not to the point of nausea…and look ’80s fab…and sparkly

Easy, right? I think I can handle those goals.


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