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workout: Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD, Level 1

Earlier in the week I went to Barnes & Noble to use up a gift card I got for my birthday. Lucky for me, all DVDs were on sale for three for the price of two. I got three DVDs for $3! I stocked up on the Biggest Loser brand workouts. I’m a sucker for anything Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper. *sigh* I’ve tried other DVDs, but only these two can me sweat in my basement and curse the TV. It’s a gift only they possess.

This morning I tried Level 1 of the Cardio Max DVD. Bob directed it all. His moves were different and I liked the break from all the circuits Jillian uses. I appreciated how he got ab work in without mat work and crunches.

I think my favorite thing about this DVD is that the people behind Bob were previous Biggest Loser contestants. They were normal people! Not oiled up professionals who make you feel bad about yourself if you miss a move. They were all missing moves, tripping over their feet, and out of sync. During some lunge hops I thought one woman was going to fall into her neighbor. Loved it. I’m always out of sync and missing steps doing these DVDs because I’m not the most coordinated person.

Sounds like I just described a circus, no? haha. But I did get a great workout with this DVD. I’m ready to move beyond Level 1, though. When the session was over, I wanted more. I think Levels 2 and 3 will be more my speed.

In addition to Cardio Max, I bought the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt. It’s like the sister workout to the cardio set. My freebie was a new yoga DVD by Jillian Micheals. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one, so I’m glad it was free. I’m not a big yoga person, but I like Jillian’s workout style. Hopefully this DVD will be great like the day after a long run.

Have a great Friday!


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workout: 4 miles on the treadmill; 39:50

Last night while Matt was at a night meeting and Scout ran circles around the dining room table, I was left to my own devices and my guilty pleasure: The Biggest Loser.

I used to be a die-hard Biggest Loser fan. Matt would watch Netflix movies on his computer in the office while I sat on the couch for 2 hours and cried as I watched strangers who I cared deeply for work out for hours and lose weight. So touching. And yes, I would always cry at something during the show. The contestants always cried, which made me cry. It was a cry fest every week.

Ever since NBC decided to air the show one right after the next, I began to lose touch with my Biggest Loser peeps. Bob and Jillian started to annoy me (too much screaming) and I got tired of all the vindictive contestants on the show. The more the show airs, I think most contestants care more about winning than changing their lives for the better.

I’ve kept up with the current season a little; I know which contestants I like. Last night I was sucked in not only because there was nothing else on TV, but because they were running a marathon! And my favorite, Daris, wanted to beat the best BL time. He did awesome. That dude ran and ran and ran. He was like a machine. From the aired clips, he just kept a good pace and kept truckin’ along. At mile 20, he was like, “Hey, it’s mile 20. Just another mile I have to pass!” What a great attitude!

It truly is your attitude and mindset that gets you through the last miles of a long run. Running is a mental sport. Daris showed me that I need to keep my thoughts positive. If you doubt yourself, you’ll never reach your goals. If you doubt yourself on a 26 mile run, you’ll only make it to mile 3.

If I can see mile 20 as just another mile I have to pass, then I can arrive in New York in November prepared and ready to achieve my race goal.

Oh, side note. Of course I cried. When Daris sprinted for the finish line and came in around 4 hours, I lost it.

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