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workout: rest day

Happy Friday! Today’s a rest from running, but I plan on doing this new kickboxing DVD tonight before I go on a cleaning spree. I bought it on sale at the bookstore the other day and have never heard of this series before.

Doesn’t she look fierce? roar. Hopefully my hair will be as perfect post-workout as hers. It better be good. It consists of 5 different 10 minute workouts that focus on:

  • basic training
  • ultimate buns and thighs
  • arms and shoulders
  • abs
  • fat burning

I needed a new workout DVD. I have all of Jillian Michaels’ DVDs and I’m bored with them because I know them by heart. It’s hard to get excited about working out when you know exactly what is going to happen. That’s why I like running; every run is different, especially when you run outside. There is always something new to see! I’ll review it when I’m done!

I think I’m also going to get back on the Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer bandwagon. I got this DVD set for Christmas last year and really like it, when I commit to it. ha. If you don’t know already, Tony Horton is responsible for the infamous P90X program. Matt works out to P90X and I watched part of a DVD once. People were doing pull ups on bars hanging from the ceiling. Not my thang.  Tony’s 10 Minute Trainer is for the weaker of the bunch, like me. I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Speaking of staying fit, we’re having family stay over tonight and I’m making baked french toast for breakfast in the morning. I’m going to prepare it tonight so it’s ready to bake when everyone wakes up in the morning. I might just have to share this recipe tomorrow. It’s amazing. My aunt made it for Matt and me when we stayed with them last summer in Massachusetts. I’m excited to have a reason to bake it again!


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