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workout: 4 miles on the treadmill; 39:44

Well, it was bound to happen sometime, folks. I fell asleep after hitting snooze and Clocky rolled off my nightstand this morning. In my blind state, I fell off my bed, cursed, and dug around for the thing. I could hear it, but not see it. I finally found it and turned it off and headed downstairs for a good 4 mile run. My legs felt great today! I think the time off yesterday really helped. Never be afraid of a rest day. I warmed up at 5.7 for a mile and then ran 3 miles between 6.1 and 6.2.

It’s taken my legs a few days to get used to being active so soon after getting out of bed, especially since I just roll out of bed and go downstairs to my treadmill. I don’t really get to walk my legs, like to a gym, before running. So for me, the key to a good 5 a.m. run is a slow warm up mile. After a mile, I’m stretched out, in a groove, and good to go!

In gardening news, my newlywed friend Caroline, who happens to be a Hokie herself, just started a gardening blog!

If you like to garden or want to learn how to garden, I suggest reading her blog. It’s only a day old, but I can assure you she’ll fill it up with helpful hints and beautiful pictures. I lived across the hall from her my senior year in college and I remember she used to have tons of plant babies sitting on the counters in our house. Now she has a new backyard to fill with fresh veggies and flowers. Gardening is as peaceful to her as running is to me. She’s very good and is currently encouraging me along on my journey to grow cilantro and dill. Or am I growing cilantro and parsley? I can’t remember what my mom said they were. I know it’s not a poblano pepper, though, because that plant baby died last week. (Obviously, don’t take gardening advice from me.)

Read Caroline’s blog at ahappygarden.wordpress.com!


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