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Two months two months two months!!!

The New York City Marathon is two months from today! Here are the long runs I have left:

  • 15 miles
  • 17 miles
  • 12 miles
  • 18-20 miles
  • 14 miles
  • 20 miles
  • 12 miles
  • 6-8 miles

I want to get two 20 milers in, so I hope the first one works out. I have no more major trips planned, which means my long runs will be either on my favorite local trail or around my neighborhood. I should run around my neighborhood to get used to waning energy and hills, but flat trails are so nice!

I promised myself to keep one or two of my weekday runs outside. This should be easier since the weather is getting cooler and Scout can tag along with me. I’m also going to incorporate hill repeats in one of my runs each week. I accidentally found a killer 4.5 loop around my neighborhood last week that has a steep, long hill. This hill will be perfect for hill repeats since a lot of the hills in the NYC are around a mile long.

So that’s my plan for the next two months of training. I hope it all works out. I know some runs will be cut short and schedules change, but I’ll do my best to stick it through until November 7.

Money! Don’t forget to think about donating to Virginia Tech’s Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention (CPSVP). I started this site a while ago and I’ve already raised more money than I could have hoped for. But more would be nice! The CPSVP’s programs work to end violence and change the world, not just southwest Virginia. The education of a handful of people will lead to change everywhere.

The Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention is a student-centered cross-disciplinary undertaking that builds on the academic, cultural, and security initiatives that evolved within the Virginia Tech community after the tragedy of April 16, 2007. Since its inception on July 1, 2008, the Center has adopted three thematic areas:

  • The prevention of violence
  • Peace studies
  • Creation of opportunities for the development of new leaders for this Century

The CPSVP will advance the scholarship and practice of violence prevention and peace by:

  • Providing opportunities for student engagement in prevention of violence and peace building
  • Fostering integration of disciplines in the creation of new knowledge and skills
  • Ensuring development of engaged leadership for working with youth at risk

The Hokies lost 33-30 against the Smurfs Boise State last night in the 2010 season opener. Instead of focusing on the negative, lets focus on the positive and channel all positive thoughts to make 2010 THE season for the Hokies!


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workout: track run…actually on the track!

It’s beauuutiful outside today! It’s in the high 80s, but there’s no humidity. This means I can take my run off the treadmill this evening and actually run outside on the track. I’m very excited.

Here’s what it’s going to look like:

  • 10-20 minute warm up
  • 12 x 400 (90 second RI)
  • 10 minute cool down

To makes things clear, 400 meters is once around the track and “RI” stands for “rest interval” where I can either walk or jog slowly. I like to jog slowly. If I start to walk, I don’t want to run again.

I don’t have any time goals for the 400 meters because I don’t know what my ability is there, yet. I just figured out how to do lap times on my Garmin (after 8 months together…pathetic) so after tonight I’ll see how my speed and consistency is across twelve 400 meter repeats.

Good News
With the start of college football right around the corner, Virginia Tech was chosen to win the ACC title this year! Matt is very excited about this. As excited I am about eating cake, he is about college football.

For all you college football fans, here’s the ACC predictions:

Virginia Tech was chosen on 50 ballots to win its fourth ACC football title in just its seventh year in the league. Florida State finished second with 26 votes, followed by Miami (10), Georgia Tech (8), Boston College (2) and North Carolina (2). The Hokies were tabbed to win the ACC’s Coastal Division with 532 points and 62 first-place votes outdistancing Miami (444 points, 20 first-place votes), Georgia Tech (408), North Carolina (379), Duke (169) and Virginia (126). Florida State compiled 565 points and 78 first-place votes to claim the Atlantic Division title over Clemson (479), Boston College (389), NC State (283), Wake Forest (203) and Maryland (139).

Our first game is September 6 against Boise State.

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Tuesday’s workout: 4.61 miles; 45 minutes
Today’s workout: rest day!

I didn’t miss practice yesterday. In fact, I really enjoyed it. I had a very busy and a very stressful day at work and my run calmed me down. I had a track run scheduled but I took it to the treadmill since severe thunderstorms were looming. Here’s what I accomplished:

  • 13 minute warm-up
  • 6 x 1 minute fast with 2 minute recovery (ran between 7.3 and 7.7 mph)
  • 13 minute cool down

Now, love or hate the Yankees? Hate’s a strong word. I strongly dislike the Yankees? That’s better. I’m a Red Sox fan. My heart was broken when Johnny Damon left to bat for the other team. I had a Damon shirt that I threw out in a dumpster.

(I just realized that I shouldn’t have shouted my strong dislike for the Yankees on the blog. Someone’s going to trip me at the marathon now.)

Anywho…love or strongly dislike the Yankees, its owner George Steinbrenner was a good man. He passed away yesterday at the age of 80. Not being a Yankees fan I mostly know him, and the back of his head, from old Seinfeld episodes that I watched as a kid. But in 2007, the real Steinbrenner donated money to Virginia Tech and invited the Yankees to play at English Field against Tech’s baseball team. Here’s a statement from Tech’s president, Charles Steger:

BLACKSBURG, Va., July 13, 2010 – The following is a statement by Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger on the passing of George Steinbrenner.

We are saddened at the passing of George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees. While Mr. Steinbrenner will certainly be remembered for his almost four decade long ownership of the baseball marquee Yankees and their seven World Series rings, we will remember him for his graciousness and generosity after the tragedy of April 16, 2007.

He reached out to our community in its time of need and suffering. He donated $1 million to the nascent Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund – a spontaneous fund of donations ultimately totaling more than $10 million. He invited the Virginia Tech Police and Rescue Squad departments and me to Yankee Stadium in May 2007 lifting the spirits of Virginia Tech Hokies around the world.

And he sent THE New York Yankees to Blacksburg in March 2008 for an exhibition game against the Hokies. While that match was no match, it exemplified Steinbrenner’s huge heart and passion for helping others ….and helping this community to heal.

(photos’ source)

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workout: track run!

My training schedule starts on July 5 and I’m 90% done with it. I just need to convert it to Excel, and then I’ll post it online. I’m very happy with how it’s turning out and I’m very excited to get training started. I’m going to use this week to get in the groove of things. I want to feel comfortable with training when it starts; I don’t want the workouts to seem too new.

I mean, I only have 130 days left until NYC. Need to get goin’!

So this morning I didn’t run and I’m running around the track at my local high school when I get off work. To ease me into speed work, here’s my plan for tonight:

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 6 x 1 minute fast followed by 3 minutes slow (meaning I repeat this pattern 6 times)
  • 10 minute cool down

Maryland’s currently in a 90 degree weather heat wave. It’s going to be another scorcher today, but at least the humidity is gone. I plan to hydrate all day and drink a bottle of orange G2. It’s not the best tasting stuff, very sweet, but it gives me electrolytes without a ton of calories.

Good News
Here is a unique way to earn money for charity. An Arizona golfer played 100 rounds of golf in 10 hours to earn over $3000 for the Arizona chapter of the Special Olympics. Neat idea!

The world is getting greener by the day. Virginia Tech’s Lumenhaus won the overall competition at the 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe. Way to go Hokies! The house was set up in Times Square and featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. From the website, “the teams, which were selected from universities in the United States, Canada, Spain, and Germany, were charged with creating houses that utilize energy-efficient technology and demonstrate that houses powered entirely by the sun do not have to sacrifice all the modern comforts and aesthetics homeowners are accustomed to.”

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Welcome to my blog. The main focus of A Running Hokie is, of course, running. I’m preparing for the 2010 ING New York City Marathon in November. (I’ll talk more on my training later, but for now, just know that it’s going to be a long, hilly journey to Central Park.) Along the way, I want to raise money and awareness for Virginia Tech’s Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention (CPSVP).

When I got accepted into the NYC Marathon, I knew it was for a good reason. I applied on a whim and actually forgot that I had applied come April when names were released. Thus, I had to run NYC for a cause, but what cause? I looked through charities and felt lost; the organizations seemed so big. It was during a 10 mile training run on the treadmill when I first thought I could raise money for the CPSVP. I graduated from Tech in 2006 and my husband, Matt, graduated in 2007. The road was rocky when my husband graduated, but that didn’t stop us Hokies – we came back stronger. With that Hokie strength behind me, I decided to step out with this project, with Matt and Scout at my back.

The Center wasn’t just built for the Tech community, because violence doesn’t belong anywhere. It works for you, too. It’s vision is to “advance scholarship, and practice violence prevention and peace through engagement with local and global communities.” For more information on the Center, visit my “Virginia Tech’s CPSVP” page.

To make a long story short, my intentions for this blog go as such:

  1. Document my training for the 2010 ING New York City marathon.
  2. Raise awareness and money for Virginia Tech’s Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention.
  3. Do my best promote peace on my own.
  4. Cook and eat food (this isn’t a food blog, but I love food and will talk about what I enjoy)
  5. Make my dog, Scout, famous.
  6. Entertain you peeps.

Talk to you later!

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