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I Need to Man Up

workout: 3 miles; 28:31

mile 1: 10:02
mile 2: 9:27
mile 3: 9:01

Split time consistency is obviously not my strong point.

Here are the things that startled me during my run this morning, in order of appearance:

  • a bronze squirrel statue
  • a skinny, one foot high tree stump
  • an old man rolling his garbage can out to the curb

Can you tell that I’m still on edge over last week’s fox sighting? sheesh. But in all seriousness, people should really let their dogs out early early in the morning to get their bark on. Just sayin’. It would make me feel better. I like dogs barking in the morning. Bet they’d love it too. And who doesn’t want to make their dog happy??

But if the dogs are never allowed to bark at 5 am, maybe by becoming a warrior I wouldn’t be scared of foxes anymore?! I bet so!


Matt’s going to be a warrior in October. He just signed up for the Warrior Dash. It’s a 3-4 mile obstacle course race where you jump over fire rocks, army crawl under barbed wire, and swim under and around logs.

Sadly, I’m declining to participate in this event. It’s less than a month before the NYC Marathon and I don’t want to have to bail out of the marathon because I fell off a mountain of hay bales.

Guess I’ll just have to stick with being scared of foxes. *sigh*


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