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workout: rest day

Matt and I had a few extra hours before we had to be at work today, so we used a gift certificate and hit up my favorite local diner, First Watch.

This place is yummy. They use fresh ingredients and their food isn’t greasy. Sadly for you, I’m not a food blogger, or else I would have had my camera and taken photos of my delicious breakfast. If I had taken a picture you would have seen an egg white omelette with feta cheese and spinach, a dry english muffin, and fresh fruit. Delish! Trust me.

It took Matt and me about an hour to eat. By 9 am, we felt lost and confused. Like we had somewhere to be. Work maybe? Apparently we’re very antsy people. We got up, walked around the town square, and then drove through pretty neighborhoods before I had to hop on the metro and head into the office.

Matt and I are going to be busy retirees. I can feel it. My dream is to work in a bakery. I hope I can still run at that age, or else I’m in for some carby trouble.

Now it’s time to daydream work until my weekend starts. It’s gonna be a good one. I can feel it! My weekend involves grocery shopping and breakfast with the mom (LOVE grocery shopping…coupon clipping is an addiction), a pedicure, running, long walks with Scout and Matt, father’s day french toast, and the pool.

Hope you’re gearing up for a great weekend as well!


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