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Deer Season

workout: 40 minute speedy walk

As I ate breakfast this morning, I saw two deer run across the field behind our house. Awww moment? Yeah, I guess. But there are a lot of deer in our area, especially around my parents house. I’m used to seeing them as I’m used to seeing squirrels. And just like squirrels and their nasty hiss (one angry squirrel near my house hisses at Scout *shiver*), I’m scared of deer. I’ve had to cut many a run short because of deer up ahead. Matt says they’ll ignore me and run away. I think they’ll attack me. One time two deer ran right out in front of me on the Capital Crescent Trail. Scary. (I actually think that was the last time I ran the trail. ha.)

Now that the weather is warmer, I see more deer in my neighborhood. Call me a dork, but this makes me nervous on morning runs. I saw my fear become reality when Sue Heck in “The Middle” got hit by a deer whilst running. This morning’s deer sighting reminded me of her and has me looking cautiously ahead to my long run on Sunday morning.

Side note: I have a fuel belt just like Sue’s. Yeah. I’m that awesome. All I need is a matching sweat band……..


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