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workout: 4 miles; 38:49

mile 1: 10:11
mile 2: 9:55
mile 3: 9:32
mile 4: 9:09

Fast run for in the morning, no? I mean, 9:09 is good for a right-out-of-bed run!

Well that’s because I ran into this monster:

Yeah, that’s right. A fox. I saw a fox this morning. I was a mile from my house and this creature crossed about 50 feet in front of me on his way to a grassy field where I’m sure he hangs with other foxes and freaks out other innocent, groggy runners. *shiver* When I saw him I immediately stopped and stood in someone’s driveway for about 5 minutes before I slowly ran up to the corner where I saw him and crossed the street to book it home. Because, you know, nothing says “a fox won’t attack you” like standing in open spaces and slowly making your way to the spot where you saw the fox, all the while releasing the scent of fear.

It might be a treadmill run tomorrow.

But seeing the fox reminded me that I was prepared with pepper spray, my only line of defense to wild animals. With my luck, he’d like it, like how Scout enjoys bitter apple. It’s an unfair world.

So in talk of safety, here are the two items I never leave the house without in the mornings. They make me feel safe when I run.

Jogger Pepper Spray
Matt made me buy this a while back and I’m sure I complained about it. But now, I feel off if I leave the house without it when I run alone. The strap fits tightly around my hand, so I don’t have to grip it. I don’t like carrying things in my hands when I run, so this is perfect.

Road ID
Matt bought me this for my birthday last year, ironically the same day I tripped whilst running and hobbled home with a bloody knee and hand. He knows me all too well. Mine’s pink!

Now, all I need it bear spray. I assume that’ll work on foxes and other wildlife creatures that might attack? I need to do some research.


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